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Post Info TOPIC: Changing resin filter


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Changing resin filter

I am new to the water jet. This machine has been abused and I am trying to get a regular pm schedule going and can't seem to find anything on how often to change resin filter I have a Mitsubishi MWX4-612 it has a tds meter but lights don't work does anyone know what ppm on meter should I change the filter I also change vessel 1 and 3 away the same time. Thanks. Jeramie



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Generally as a strict time schedule - Vessel 1 (bag filter) should be changed about every 200 hrs. Vessel 2 (hurricane filter) should be changed every 400 hrs, and Vessel 3 (Resin Filter) should be changed after both 1 and 2 have been replaced and you still have a TDS reading above 100ppm. There also should be a final filter on this system which looks like a normal household water filter. This should be changed at any point that it looks murky or dirty often times this could be every 100 hrs. The Pump should NEVER be supplied water with greater than a 100 ppm TDS reading, this will cause your seals to fail and cavitation inside the pump components when the dissolved solids are combusted due to the high pressures.

Furthermore, with the exception of the resin filter being changed relative to the TDS value. I generally change Vessel 1 or 2 Whenever the input and output pressures vary by any more than 12-15 psi. The input pressure should be a gauge on the top of vessel 1. Output pressure should be a gauge on the side of vessel 1 going to vessel 2, this gauge is the input for vessel 2, vessel 2 output is on the top of vessel 2. Pressure has no bearing on your resin filter, tds dictates the frequency that needs changed.

Hope this helps!

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