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Post Info TOPIC: fluid bed contamination


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fluid bed contamination

Hi fellow waterjet operators!

older mitsubishi waterjet

I am very new at this , I am employed at a company that is using a waterjet that I operate. I have been tasked at becoming the "waterjet expert"

since I started we have been having an issue with contamination of the waterbed and feed to the jet. it keeps plugging filters like crazy!

its usually filter 2 (hurricane) and the first filter the the jet, the bag filter is hardly ever effected..

I cant tell you what I cut but the material seems to be a laminated fiberglass with maybe a carbon fiber core.

the cut fiberglass seems to float on top and gets mixed in with the water (grey sludge)  but the water also turns a brown muddy color, this is what looks to be getting trapped in the filters...

I have put a pipe around the overflow feed tube to the to try to keep the surface water from entering the feed to the first filter box seperator from there it goes to the filtering /holding tank for the jet....the brown muddy water ends up plugging the filters usually in the middle of a run, thereby stopping the jet...

there is a garnet seperator system that seems to work , we have been changing the bags when it builds up there...

we have drained it and dug out the used garnet twice since i have been there...

questions: could the barton garnite be contaminated? causing the brown muddy condition which looks like a fine silt?

could the fiberglass ,fiberglass resin or carbon be contaminating the waterbed?

im thinking of a better PM schedule for this machine maybe more water change outs?

help please, this is a heavy production machine running at least 20 hours a day 5 times a week


thank you for any answers!























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